Redox Biology Center Pilot Project Program


The overall goal of the research pilot program is to promote interdisciplinary and multi-institution collaborations that address novel questions in redox biology and impact human health and disease. The on-going research pilot program has been very successful, investing in early-stage career faculty and providing seed funding for innovative research ideas and collaborative projects that have led to the development of extramural awards totaling over $5M.

Requests for applications for the pilot program will stress the goals of the RBC and emphasize the need for collaborative and innovative research proposals that address important areas in redox biology (e.g., pathogenesis and stress response, redox signaling, mitochondrial dysfunction, metal ion homeostasis). A rigorous review process is in place to ensure that the RBC selects projects that are highly meritorious and those that are most likely to generate key preliminary data to successfully compete for external funding. The pilot program will seek to fund teams of RBC investigators from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) and the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) that are pursuing joint research proposals (e.g., collaborative R01 project proposals and program projects). 


The following projects were selected for funding in 2013.

"Investigating the benefits of proline during hepatic stress in mice" - Donald Becker (PI), Javier Seravalli, Edward Schmidt (Montana State)
"Thiol metabolism in prokaryotes" - Nicole Buan (PI), Joseph Barycki, Mark Wilson
"Therapeutic control of redox-related cellular process" - Jaekwon Lee (PI), Rodrigo Franco, Oleh Kahilmonchuk, Heejeong Kim
"Caenorhabditis elegans as Model System for Studying Mitochondrial Biology and Dysfunction" - Mark Wilson (PI), Donald Becker, Oleh Khalimonchuk, Jiri Adamec




Pilot Grant Program – to stimulate research in the area of redox biology and to enhance competitiveness in obtaining extramural support.

ELIGIBILITY:  The principal investigator and another co-investigator must be members of the RBC, and each collaborative team must include at least three investigators. Collaborations across UNL/UNMC are strongly encouraged but not required. Proposed research should be based on collaboration, which may involve research cooperation, sharing of resources, and use of core facilities and services in the RBC. Only one proposal per principal investigator is permitted per competition. However, there is no limit on the number of proposals a RBC investigator may participate in as a co-investigator.

APPLICATION: The application form for pilot awards is available on this page. Application forms can also be obtained from Hannah Kahler, Administrative Coordinator, Nebraska Redox Biology Center, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, E247 Beadle Center, Lincoln, NE 68588-0662, phone 402.472.3173, fax 402.472.4961, e-mail


Since the inception of the RBC, 21 pilot projects have been funded; 11 were awarded to new investigators and 7 were converted or led to major funding.


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