General Services Offered by the RBC Proteomic and Metabolomic Core Facility:

  • Small molecule exact mass determination or quantitation using positive or negative ion mode 
  • Proteomics: Protein identification using LC/MS/MS analysis and MASCOT and SEQUEST database search 
  • Shot gun proteome analysis of biological samples. 
  • Biomarker discovery from biological fluid 
  • Drug-protein or drug - nucleic acid - protein interaction. 
  • Protein complex isolation and identifying interacting partners and its quantitation. 
  • Protein differential expression analysis and quantitation by 2D-LC MS/MS (MudPIT). 
  • Global PTM analysis and quantitation 
  • Specialized in phosphorylation and oxidation analysis 
  • Coomassie Blue and Silver Stained Gel analysis 
  • de novo peptide sequencing by tandem mass spectrometry 
  • Confirmation of mutations in protein 
  • Customized sequence search of in-house proteins that are not available in database 
  • Post translational modifications (phosphorylation, sumoylation, ubiquitination, oxidation, etc.) 
  • Determination of oxidation state of cysteine (disulfide bonds) 
  • Intact proteins and peptides mass determination


 Proteomic Services Available:
  • Redox proteomics
  • Quantitative "shot gun" differential expression/biomarker discovery proteomics (mudPIT)
  • High throughput targeted SRM/MRM peptide/proteomic assay development
  • Multiplex assays for biomarker research and clinical application
  • Organelle proteomics
  • Membrane proteomics
  • Signaling pathway analysis
  • Protein complex analysis
  • Peptide/nucleotide/protein-ligand interactions
  • Protein sequencing and identification
  • Characterization of protein modifications such as phosphorylation, oxidation, methylation
  • Microbial, plant, human and animal proteomics includes studies on autophagy/apoptosis, cellular dysfunction, secretome analysis
  • Top-down proteomics (coming soon!)
  • Antibody-based multiplexed assay (coming soon)
Our Specialty:

Discovery Proteomics: Routine shot gun, quantitative proteomics based protein expression difference analysis using MudPIT (Multidimensional Protein Identification Technology, 2-D LC/MS/MS) and multiplexed, labeled (SILAC, iTRAQ) quantitative proteome analysis from any complex biological samples (clinical or non clinical).

Targeted Proteomics: Multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) based multiplexed proteomic assay development, relative and absolute quantiation (labeled and label free) of specific proteins and peptides from plasma, serum and other biological samples.


Metabolomic Analysis Services Available:

Discovery metabolomics: UHPLC/MS based routine shot gun quantitative metabolite profiling from complex biological samples (clinical or non clinical).

Targeted metabolomics: UHPLC/MS based Multiple reaction monitoring (MRM or SRM) of metabolite, small molecules/drug, lipid assay development, relative and absolute quantiation (labeled and label free) of specific or group of metabolites from plasma, serum, urine, CSF, tissue and other clinical or non clinical biological samples.

Our specialty:

Redox Metabolomics and Quantitative Global Analysis of endogenous metabolites from cells, tissues, fluids and whole organisms.