Recent Presentations and Collaborative Publications

Recent presentations:

 ASMS 2011, Denver, CO
N.Madayiputhiya, J. Jason, R.Nandakumar and S.M. Wells. Metabolomics: Fast UPLC/MS/MS targeted MRM analysis of L-arginine, homoarginine, ADMA and SDMA levels in mouse serum and tissue samples. 59th ASMS proceedings (2011).

USHUPO, 2011, Raleigh, NC
Renu Nandakumar, Christophe Espírito Santo, Nandakumar Madayiputhiya and Gregor Grass Quantitative label free proteomic profiling of the E.coli response to metallic copper surfaces, USHUPO (2011).

Recent Collaborative Publications:

Ha, S.J., Showalter, G., Cai, S., Wang, H., Liu, W.M., Cohen-Gadol, A.A., Sarkaria, J.N., Rickus, J., Springer, J., Adamec, J., Pollok, K.E., Clase, K.L.: Lipidomic Analysis of Glioblastoma Multiforme using Mass Spectrometry. Current Metabolomics , 2(2), 132-143, 2015 [PubMed]

Basu, U., Seravalli, J., Madayiputhiya, N., Adamec, J., Case, A.J., Zimmerman, M.C.: Rapid Metabolism of Exogenous Angiotensin II by Catecholaminergic Neuronal Cells in Culture Media. Physiol Rep , 3(2), e12287, 2015 [PubMed]

We,i H.H., Rowe, M., Grove, R., Adamec, J., Riethoven, J.J., Jikumaru, Y., Staswick, P.: Over accumulation of γ-glutamylcysteine in a jasmonate hypersensitive Arabidopsis mutant causes jasmonate-dependent growth inhibition. Plant Physiol , 169(2), 1371-81, 2015 [PubMed]

Niu, W.N., Yadav, P.K., Adamec, J., Banerjee, R.: S-Glutathionylation Enhances Human Cystathionine-β-synthase Activity under Oxidative Stress Conditions. Antioxid Redox Signal , 22(5), 350–61, 2015 [PubMed]

Yadav, PK.; Martinov, M.; Vitvitsky, V.; Seravalli, J.; Wedmann, R.; Filipovic, MR.; Banerjee, R.: Biosynthesis and Reactivity of Cysteine Persulfides in Signaling. J Am Chem Soc , 138(1), 289-99, 2016 [PubMed]

Zimmer, BM.; Howell, ME.; Wei, Q.; Ma, L.; Romsdahl, T.; Loughman, EG.; Markham, JE.; Seravalli, J.; Barycki, JJ.; Simpson, MA.: Loss of exogenous androgen dependence by prostate tumor cells is associated with elevated glucuronidation potential. Horm Cancer , 7(4):260-71, 2016 [PubMed]

Boone, CH; Grove, RA; Adamcova, D; Braga, CP; Adamec, J.: Revealing oxidative damage to enzymes of carbohydrate metabolism in yeast: An integration of 2D DIGE, quantitative proteomics, and bioinformatics. Proteomics , 16(13), 1889-903, 2016 [PubMed]

Boone, CH; Grove, RA; Adamcova, D; Seravalli, J.: Adamec, J.: Oxidative stress, metabolomics profiling, and mechanism of local anesthetic induced cell death in yeast. Redox Biol , 3(12):139-149, 2017 [PubMed]