Participation Selection and Laboratory Placement Process


  1. Evidence of academic achievement is important. Candidates are also evaluated on the strength of their personal statement and letters of recommendation. Preference is given to students who will have completed three years of full-time undergraduate study by the summer of 2021.

  2. Other basic selection criteria include evidence of preparation to carry out research in areas of interest; evidence of communication and teamwork skills; strong interest in postgraduate studies in the life sciences; academic credentials in keeping with requirements for admission to graduate programs; and breadth of interest as evidenced by the student's course of study and extracurricular activities, hobbies or life experiences.

  3. Every effort is made to ensure that students accepted into the NSF-REU are placed in a research laboratory whose interests match those of the student. Applicants should bear in mind that the University of Nebraska faculty mentor makes the final placement decision. It is not always possible to place everyone with the mentor of their choice.

  4. All students accepted into the NSF-REU will be offered placement in a residence hall on the Lincoln campus. Students may decline this offer and make separate arrangements to live off campus. Students are cautioned that while there are program funds available to cover housing costs, these are restricted to dorm expenses and will not be provided for any off-campus living arrangements.