Program Requirements


The primary requirement for the program is ten weeks of full-time work in a research laboratory at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. Students must attend the entire program ( May 31 - August 4, 2021). In addition, students will attend/complete:

  1. Orientation and safety training. All of the participants will start their research programs the afternoon of June 4.

  2. Evening workshops/seminars on preparation for postgraduate studies - writing resumes and personal statements and preparing applications for graduate and/or professional schools.

  3. Weekly Seminars - the seminars are hosted by faculty members of the Redox Biology Center will focus on research in their laboratories.

  4. Biweekly luncheon seminars on ethical and social issues in science, careers in the life sciences and other interdisciplinary topics.

  5. Poster symposium and farewell luncheon.

  6. Voluntary participation in scheduled social events including a program picnic, tours, sporting events and other activities.