The creation of the Redox Biology Center has created additional need for highly motivated individuals to contribute to current research projects.  Employment opportunities are available at numerous levels.

The University of Nebraska ranks 5th in a survey of postdoctoral fellows.

New! Postdoctoral Research Position - Dr. Oleh Khalimonchuk Lab (posted 12/8/2015)

An NIH-funded postdoctoral researcher position is available in the laboratory of Dr. OlehKhalimonchuk at the Department of Biochemistry/ Redox Biology Center, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The laboratory is located in the George W. Beadle Center and offers a supportive and collaborative world-class research environment as well as access to state-of-the-science proteomics, metabolomics, crystallography and imaging facilities. Our international research team seeks to understand fundamental processes underpinning the key aspects of vital mitochondrial functions. We aim to determine how perturbations in mitochondrial protein quality control contribute to development and progression of aging-associated neurodegenerative diseases in humans. Current projects aim to gain detailed mechanistic and physiological insights into the impact of mitochondrial dysfunction due to failing protein quality control proteases on the onset of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and peripheral neuropathies. To address these questions, we utilize yeast, nematode and cultured human cells models and employ an array of methods including protein biochemistry, cell biology and “omics” approaches. We are looking for highly motivated and talented individuals with a PhD degree, strong expertise and track record in protein biochemistry, molecular biology or cellular physiology. Preference will be given to candidates with no more then three years of postdoctoral research experience. The position offers a competitive salary and benefits package. The starting date is flexible but preferably not later than February 2016. Please submit a single pdf file including: 1) a cover letter summarizing your research interests; 2) curriculum vitae and 3) names and contacts of three references to

New! Postdoctoral Research Position - Dr. Limei Zhang Lab (posted 8/11/2015)

Postdoctoral Position in Structural Biology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln NE, USA

We are looking for a highly motivated scientist with a PhD degree in biochemistry, structural biology or a related field to join Prof. Limei Zhang’s research team at the Dept. of Biochemistry and the Redox Biology Center, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA ( The research in the Zhang Laboratory focuses on structure-mechanism relationships of metalloproteins involved in redox homeostasis in bacterial pathogens. Multi-disciplinary approaches are used in the studies, including synchrotron-radiation-based X-ray diffraction, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, molecular biology and computational modeling.  Experience in protein biochemistry, a demonstrated track record in conducting high quality research and a passion for learning new techniques are required. Experience in structural biology (X-ray crystallography or nuclear magnetic resonance) and molecular biology are highly desirable. The position offers competitive salary and benefits package.

For more information about our research and the position, please contact Prof. Limei Zhang (Email:

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is located in a vibrant and safe city offering outstanding and affordable quality of life, and numerous multi-cultural and entertainment benefits. The Dept. of Biochemistry and the Redox Biology Center at UNL offers supportive and collaborative international environment as well as access to cutting edge proteomics, metabolomics, crystallography, and NMR facilities..  To learn more about the Department of Biochemistry, UNL and life in Lincoln, please refer to the Department's webpage,