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ABSciex Q-Trap 4000


ABSCIEX Q-TRAP 4000 integrated with Agilent 1200 and Dionex U3000


The ABSCIEX Q-TRAP 4000 is integrated with Agilent 1200 and Dionex U3000 for nano LC/MS/MS applications.

Taking advantage of unique AB SCIEX TripleTrapTM scanning that switches the QTRAP® system between triple quadrupole and linear ion trap mode in less than 1 millisecond, peptide/small molecule SRM/MRM assays can be developed quickly.

  • QTRAP technology delivers up to 100x sensitivity in MS/MS for develpment of quantitative MRM assays for lower level proteins/peptides.
  • Quickly develop assays to many candidate markers directly from the discovery sample
  • Create specific assays for protein isoforms
  • Quick and targeted quantitative drug or metabolite SRM/MRM assay from various sample typs (clinical or non-clinical)

Currently this mass spectrometer is integrated wiht an Agilent 1200 series LC system ideal for metabolite profiling, targeted SRM/MRM metabolomics and small molecules/drug analysis from clinical (serum, plasma, tissues, CSF and other biological fluids) and non clinical samples, metabolic pathway analysis, food and allergen analysis, metabolite biomarker discovery and validation and metabolite identification. This unit also support for targted SRM/MRM quantitative protein/peptide assay development from complex biological samples and its validation.

The Q-TRAP can also integrate with a Dionex U3000 nano LC system capable of operating in nano LC/MS/MS mode for proteomic applications including post-translationally modified protein analysis and protein identifications.


For more informaiton contact:

Jiri Adamec, PhD - Interim Director

Renu Nandakumar, PhD

Office: (402) 472-5097
Location: E156 Beadle Center

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